Tucker Carlson: Trump Wrong To Engage In Conversation About Gun Control After Orlando Attack


TUCKER CARLSON: The political problem is, Trump has kept the conversation on guns. That's not really the lesson of the Orlando shooting. A guy pledges allegiance to ISIS and kills 49 people, how is that the NRA's fault?

So by wading into this - we're talking about this as if it is a problem that could be solved with gun control. No serious social scientist believe that, there is no evidence for that.

The other problem is due process, due process -- You can't solve [the gun buying] problem without due process. Do you want to live in a country where the government can take away your due process rights without telling you because it doesn't like your opinions. We have a whole process for this, it is called the judicial system.

The criminal justice system, we've had it for 225 years, why are we giving it up? By the way, if you are not considered "safe" enough to fly or go hunting, why are you living next door to me?

Why do we -- I'm serious, if we believe someone is a terrorist, why don't we indict them?

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