Lou Dobbs: Obama's Refusal To Say 'Radical Islam' Is "Psychological Warfare" Designed To "Elevate Ambiguity"


LOU DOBBS, FOX BUSINESS NETWORK: Obama has tried and often successfully, to diminish our anger at the radical Islamic terrorists who have so grievously injured this nation. He changed the words employed; he permitted his administration to employ words that many of us had never heard in conjunction with radical Islamist terrorists.

This White House, early on, demanded the national media do the same thing, use the same language and with that language control thought. As a result, even his political opponents fell into line often, using the very same words which limited as well the debate.

Mr. Obama initially brought himself to call Omar Mateen’s deadly massacre of dozens of our fellow citizens at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub quote, ‘an act of terror and an act of hate.’ By including the implication of a hate crime, he denied the Islamic State’s barbarity and hate for gays and lesbians; seemingly trying to relegate that barbarity not to the religion Mateen practiced and represented, but to a narrow individual emotion unrelated to the variant of that religion which motivated Mateen.

The ‘president’ still couldn’t bring himself to call the bloodbath ‘radical Islamist terrorism’ and today he still wouldn’t utter the phrase ‘radical Islamist terrorism’ despite the Islamic States’ claim of responsibility for the attack and the established relationship between and radical Islamist clerics and other Islamic radicals, including, perhaps his own father.

This is the ‘president’ trying to elevate the ambiguity between cause and effect, radical Islam and the horrific Orlando tragedy. This is our ‘president’ dampening blame, the role of radical Islamists’ religion and ideology and the murderous, barbaric result...

He validated himself seemingly or at least tried to with words that as best I can determine mean absolutely nothing; homegrown extremism? White House Spokesperson Josh Earnest chooses his words carefully, adding that he doesn’t want to give the terrorist organization legitimacy by referring to them as radical Islamists. What utter nonsense.

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