Krauthammer: Obama Deliberately Trying To Deny or Disguise Connection Between Attacks and Islam


Charles Krauthammer says of course using the phrase radical Islam does not stop the problem of terrorism, but by not using it President Obama was "deliberately trying to deny or to hide or to disguise the connection." Krauthammer said "he's doing it for a purpose." From Tuesday's Special Report panel:

KRAUTHAMMER: The fact that the president goes way out of his way for seven and a half years to avoid the phrase that is obviously the most descriptive of the enemy, radical Islam, means he's doing it for a purpose. He pretends and says if it's a magical phrase -- people who are arguing against him, are saying, I think the president said calling it a threat by a different name doesn't make it go away. Of course it doesn't. Nobody implies it does.

But deliberately calling it by something meaningless, violent extremism is a completely empty phrase, no one has ever strapped on a suicide vest in the name of extremism. Nobody dies in the name of extremism. Obama is deliberately trying to deny or to hide or to disguise the connection between all of these disparate acts and groups and if you want to mobilize a country behind you, you need to tell them who the enemy is, and why it's doing what it is.

FDR did not say the day after Pearl Harbor, 'Yesterday is a day that will live in infamy, we were attacked by violent extremists.'

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