Trump: Hillary Afraid To Say Radical Islam and Offend Her Boss "Because She Doesn't Want To Go To Jail"


Donald Trump has a contentious interview with Charlie Rose and Gayle King on Monday's broadcast of CBS This Morning. Trump was on to discuss the Orlando terror attacks and gave his take on radical Islam and the certainty of future terror attacks. Gayle King challenged Trump on his rhetoric, saying there is a worry that he is "inflaming" the "sensitive situation."

"Do you worry about enflaming an already very dicey, sensitive situation? Do you worry about that?" King pressed Trump.

"Well, did you see what happened yesterday? They worried about my words?" Trump responded.

GAYLE KING, CBS NEWS: Let me interrupt you for a second.

DONALD TRUMP: We are fighting an enemy with a uniform... we're fighting a war without uniforms.

GAYLE KING, CBS NEWS: Donald Trump, we hear you, Donald Trump. But this is the problem that a lot of people have with your words -- the ban that you're calling for, these people were already here. And they worry that your words just inflame a situation and get people who weren't even thinking about doing these kind of acts, turning them against us. Do you worry about inflaming an already very dicey, sensitive situation? Do you worry about that?

TRUMP: Well, did you see what happened yesterday? They worried about my words?

KING: Yes.

TRUMP: Look at the people that were killed yesterday. And this will -- this is just the beginning, okay. This is going to get worse and worse. I see yesterday where they announced on ISIS radio -- can you believe they have a radio station, they actually have a radio station that we haven't taken out. And by the way, those are the things that inflame. They use the internet better than we do. They create radio stations. How are they allowed to have these things? And those are the things that inflame.

And we better get smart to it because believe me, all I want is safety. I want safety for this country. What happened yesterday will happen many times over with a president like Obama that doesn't even want to use the term radical Islamic terrorism. He doesn't want to use the term. And Clinton won't use it either.

Hillary won't use it. And the reason she won't use it, she's afraid to offend her boss because she doesn't want to go to jail.

CHARLIE ROSE: Obviously there are a lot of people who would differ with that suggestion.

TRUMP: A lot of people agree with it.

ROSE: Thank you for coming on.

Watch the full interview:

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