Krauthammer: Hillary Clinton Flipped On Using Term "Radical Islam" Because It Is Now "Convenient"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: On Hillary and the term radical Islam, what has changed between the interview and today? No Bernie Sanders. The campaign is over. She doesn't have to appeal to her left, so all of a sudden she discovers the term which is the reason I really like completely cynical liberals who have no principles. They will occasionally get it right. Where the principled liberal they'll get it wrong every time. But with Hillary, as soon as it is now convenient, she will continue to say radical Islam which is a good thing.

And one reason it's a good thing is what you guys were discussing about the attack on a gay bar. The fact is that unless you say what kind of extremism it is, you don't understand any connections. That's what makes Obama's refusal so incomprehensible and unnerving. He knows there is a connection. When you say radical Islam, you are encompassing all the elements of it, of which one is a radical opposition and hatred of guys.

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