Clinton: A Moment For Statesmanship, Not Partisanship; "Epidemic of Gun Violence" Needs To Be Addressed


Hillary Clinton reacts to the Orlando terror attack on MSNBC's Morning Joe:

HILLARY CLINTON: I want to echo something that I heard my friend and former colleague Peter King was saying as I was listening here. This is a moment for Republicans, Democrats and Independents to work together as one team. The American team. And it’s a time for statesmanship, not partisanship. I think that our fellow American citizens expect that… I remember we all came together as one nation after 9/11 and we should recapture that spirit. You know, let’s have a very clear, rational discussion about what we do right and what we can improve on and how we’re going to protect Americans both from the threats of terrorism and ISIS, how we’re going to defeat ISIS and how we’re going to try to save people’s lives from the epidemic of gun violence now that we’re seeing terrorist use these assault weapons. That has to be part of the debate.

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