Bill Kristol: I'm "Afraid" Trump Could Win


STEPHANOPOULOS: Meantime, Bill Kristol, you've been part of -- a proud member of
the Never Trump movement all through this -- you haven't been able to get a candidate out there.

And you just heard Paul Manafort right there echoing what we've heard from Donald Trump. The message is basically, hey, we beat 17 candidates. Get over it.

BILL KRISTOL, THE WEEKLY STANDARD: You know, it's so interesting watching the interviews with Paul Ryan and Paul Manafort. I've known Paul Ryan for 20 years. I like him very much. And it was painful to watch, I've got to say. I mean, the people who are now rationalizing supporting Donald Trump when they are proud to be representatives of the party of Lincoln, a protoge of Jack Kemp, it's going to be a horrible four or five months for the Republican Party. People do not understand how much damage, from my point of view, Donald Trump will do.

Having said that, the other thing I was struck by watching Paul Manafort, they have a clear message. I think people are totally underestimating Trump's chance of winning. That doesn't make me happy, but Manfort, you know, they're going to slough aside all the insults, all the terrible things Trump has said and say do you want change or not? And if it's only Trump or Hillary Clinton in a change election, you can have a pretty flawed change messenger and I'm afraid he could win.

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