Trump: "Crooked Hillary" Refuses to Say Radical Islam, Makes Her Unfit To Be President; Handles Hecklers


In his address to the Faith & Freedom summit Friday afternoon Donald Trump ripped Hillary Clinton, calling her "as crooked as they come," for refusing to use the term 'radical Islam.' Trump said the inability to recognize the term makes her unfit for the presidency.

"Keeping people of faith safe from threats like radical Islam whether protecting them here, all of it needs to be confronted together, the threat of radical Islam. We have to do it," Trump said to applause.

"Now Hillary Clinton, or as I call her crooked Hillary Clinton, she's crooked as they come. Refuses to say the words 'radical islam.' This alone makes her unfit to be president," Trump said in Washington, D.C.

Trump was then interrupted and heckled by several Code Pink protestors in the audience who were removed.

"A little freedom of speech please," Trump said as the Code Pink protestors continued their outburst.

"Very rude, but what are you going to do? Thank you, darling, I appreciate it," Trump said as they escorted out the women.

"Very, very sad. What's happening in our country right now is very sad. It's such a shame. And by the way these are professional agitators, folks. They come in. They're sent here by the other party," Trump said before returning to his speech.

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