Stephanopoulos To Paul Ryan: How Can You Support Trump And Call Him Racist At Same Time?


ABC's George Stephanopoulos asks Speaker of the House Paul Ryan how he is able to say "core principles" are what matters most to him but continue to support Republican presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump after calling him a racist.

Ryan said because he is against racism that is why he spoke up. Ryan promised it won't be the last time "if this continues.

"You've said, in explaining why you're standing by your endorsement of Mr. Trump, what matters more to you than anything are our core principles. But what core principle is more important to the party of Lincoln than stepping up against racism?" Stephanopoulos asked Ryan on Friday's Good Morning America.

"That's why I did that. That's why I spoke up against it. And it won't be the last time if this continues," Ryan replied.

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