Cenk Uygur Shocked By Poll Saying 83% Of His Audience Would Never Vote For Hillary Clinton


Cenk Uygur, host of 'The Young Turks,' discusses the results of an unscientific (but large) poll of his audience showing that about 80% of his mostly-Sanders-supporting audience would NEVER vote for Hillary Clinton.

"I don't want to speak for you guys," Uygur said of his audience -- the largest single online news show on YouTube -- "It was not a small amount of people voting. We put the poll up in two places on our app..."

"So we asked: Which way would you vote in the general election: For Hillary -- 694 votes. Never Hillary -- 4,414 votes. So, over 5,000 votes on our app. And it is 86-14 against [Hillary]."

"I have to be honest with you, I was borderline shocked by that result. Now, I know our viewers are big Sanders supporters, I know that you're more likely to vote in that poll if you're angry at Hillary Clinton, so of course there are many factors as to why it is not scientific, we're not pretending that it is. Even so, that was a big number."

"We also had the poll posted on YouTube... We had nearly 15,000 votes there, and let's see if the numbers are different? Vote for Hillary in the general election -- 19%. Never vote for Hillary -- 81%. Wow! We combined the two -- so nearly 20,000 votes in 24 hours. 17% overall saying they'd vote for Hillary."

"Look, I knew that significant portions of our audience was angry at Hillary Clinton and considering not voting for her, I didn't know it was this high."

"That number, I am positive it will move, but for the moment being. Where it stands --83-17 -- Stunning numbers so far, it looks like Hillary Clinton has a lot of persuading to do to win over Sanders supporters."

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