Scarborough Rips Trump's "Un-American" Muslim Ban: "Is This What Germany Looked Like In 1933?"


MSNBC: While talking about Donald Trump's proposed Muslim ban announced several months ago, Joe Scarborough said he is now "deeply disturbed" and calls it un-American. Mika Brzezinski then comments on Trump’s recent controversial remarks on the judge and says GOP leaders are "weak and spineless" for not getting the presumptive nominee to tone down his rhetoric.

"I was deeply disturbed throughout the Republican primaries to see the high number of Republicans who supported Trump's Muslim ban," Scarborough said Thursday morning. "I was disturbed, deeply disturbed by the high number of Republicans -- people in my party -- during the early primaries, saying they actually wanted to ban mosques from the United States of America."

"Let me look straight into the cameras so this can never be wiped clean, and I can never back off of it because I never would anyway: that's un-American" Scarborough said. "That is every bit un-American as people who target Southern Baptists because they don't like Southern Baptists. That is every bit as un-American as people targeting Jews because they don't like Jews. That's every bit as un-American as people targeting Catholics because they don't like Catholics."

"When you're talking about banning 1.4, 1.5 million people simply because of the god they worship, that's as un-American as anything he said, as un-American as what he said about this judge. I'm with you, Willie, where was the outrage then? Like we said on this show asking on this show when it first came out, is this like Germany 1933? It's just as offensive, why no outrage from right and left?" Scarborough wondered.

MORE VIDEO: Scarborough and panel discuss Trump's "un-American" temporary ban on Muslim entering the U.S.

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