Rendell on Clinton Vice President: Elizabeth Warren Is "Bright," But "Not Ready To Be Commander-in-Chief"


Former Pennsylvania Governor and close Clinton confidant Ed Rendell said Sen. Elizabeth Warren would not make a good VP choice for Hillary Clinton because she is "not ready to be Commander-in-Chief."

"I think she will not pick somebody that she feels in her heart isn't ready to be president or commander-in-chief. And I think Elizabeth Warren is a wonderful, bright, passionate person, but with no experience in foreign affairs and not in any way, shape, or form ready to be commander-in-chief," Rendell said in an interview with Philly radio host Rich Zeoli on 1210 WPHT-AM.

Rendell later called in to clarify his comments.

"I didn’t want it to leave it hanging out there about Elizabeth Warren," he said. "Elizabeth Warren’s problem would be the same problem I’d have. Let’s assume someone said consider Governor Rendell for vice president. I have no experience militarily, no experience in foreign affairs, and would be a difficult choice because if anything happened in week one and I became president, I would be lost."

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