Hillary Clinton: Sanders Brought Passion, But Hasn't Gotten Me To Move On Any Policies


NBC's Lester Holt asks Hillary Clinton to name one policy area where she has been influenced by Bernie Sanders. She is unable to do so, but thanks Sanders for his "passion." Transcript, via NBC:

LESTER HOLT: You gave him kudos in your speech last night for igniting a part of the party, a part of the electorate out there. What ideas--can you name one idea that he's put forward that you want to embrace? That he has really changed your position on?

SEC. HILLARY CLINTON: Well, it's not that so much as the passion that he brought to the goals that--his campaign set. I share the goals. We have different approaches about how to get there, but we are going to get to universal healthcare coverage we are going to raise the national minimum wage, we are going to make college affordable and we are going to crack down on abuses in the financial markets that might harm Main Street again.

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