Republican Consultant Rick Wilson: Donald Trump "The Ike Turner Of the Republican Party"


Republican consultant Rick Wilson appeared on MSNBC Wednesday night and told Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus to "man up" and deny presumptive nominee Donald Trump the nomination. Wilson called Trump the "Ike Turner of the Republican Party," likening the singer's domestic abuse of Tina Turner to Trump's relationship with the party.

"I think what's terrifying the party leadership, he's like the Ike Turner of the Republican party now," Wilson said. "It's like, 'I love you Tina, I had to slap you to teach a lesson.'"

"This is a guy that terrifies these people and Paul Ryan, who is a wonderful and brilliant thinker who I admire tremendously, needs to tear the band aid off and say this guy is unacceptable, racist boob. He is not qualified to be president or our nominee, we're done," Wilson said of Trump.

Wilson, now a mainstay on the network, said, Trump "may have the delegates" but the Republican party has the moral authority and should use that to dump Trump.

"Reince Priebus needs to man up and say to Donald Trump you may have the delegates but you don't have the moral standing to represent our party in this country and we're done," Wilson said. "It's going to be tough and these guys are going to take a lot more beatings before the lesson sinks in but at some point you can't just make excuses anymore for this kind of behavior."

"At some point Trump is going to have to -- Trump is going to have to attack every Republican who walks away from him. He's going to be busy with Republicans who are headed for the tall grass with every single crazy statement he makes," Wilson added.

Sarah Isgur Flores, former deputy campaign manager for Carly Fiorina, doubted changing the rules at the convention would be an effective strategy for the party to dump Trump, though she said she wishes it was a realistic possibility.

"I really question whether it's a practical thought that we're going to change the rules of the convention and kick out Donald Trump as much as I wish it were a realistic possibility I think that's tough," Flores said. "That being said the last week that Donald Trump has had has sure made that more likely."

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