Clinton: "Absolutely" Nothing From FBI Investigation That Will Change Course Of Campaign


(relevant portion begins at 5:25 mark)

Hillary Clinton tells ABC World News anchor David Muir she is "absolutely" confident that there is nothing that will come out of the FBI investigation into her private email account and server.

ABC News described the interview: "The first female presumptive Democratic nominee said she was trying to embrace the historic moment without being overcome by emotion."

DAVID MUIR: So let me ask you, you have said that Donald Trump does not have the right temperament to be president. He said of you that you lack judgment. He points to your emails. The last time we sat down, you apologized. You've said it was a mistake. But Trump says, FBI investigation aside, that what Hillary Clinton is guilty of is quote, 'stupidity and bad judgment.' And he asks, 'how can a person with this kind of judgment become the president?'

CLINTON: Well, again, I’m not responding to any of the personal attacks that come from Donald Trump, because he can say whatever he wants about me, and I have more votes than he does as we sit here today. More Americans have voted for me. Obviously they have believed that I would be the best choice for President and Commander in Chief and that’s what this election will be about.

MUIR: He did bring up the emails, though, again tonight. He’s going to in this general election, you know that.

CLINTON: Uh-huh.

MUIR: Can you assure the American people, and the Bernie Sanders supporters who you now have to court, that there isn’t anything coming from this FBI investigation that’s going to change the course of your campaign?

CLINTON: Absolutely.

MUIR: You’re confident?

CLINTON: Absolutely, yes.

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