Cenk Uygur vs. 'Young Turks' Panel: Without A Hillary Indictment, Sanders Can't Win, Right?


Is there a way Bernie Sanders can still win the 2016 election? Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, and Jimmy Dore, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down.

Uygur thnks that the only reason Sanders would possibly remain in the race is that he is expecting a Clinton indictment. The other hosts think it is still possible that a release of Wall Street transcripts could still sink Clinton before the convention.

"The elections are largely over," he said. "There is still Washington D.C. left [next week], there is of course one very important election afterwards -- the election of the superdelegates -- where Sanders is losing 92-8... It'll be about 95-5 by the time they get to the convention. I've always said indictment is the only thing that makes a difference -- if you don't have an indictment, how can he win?"

Co-host John Iadorola: "If Hilary Clinton were to crater in the polls against Donald Trump -- down 15 points as opposed to up one or down one. I don't think that is a likely outcome or that it would sway him -- but it theoretically could. If she is doing terribly, if the [Goldman Sachs] speeches came out."

Jimmy Dore: "If she's down by 5 or 10 points at the end of July, you don't think they'll be freaking out?"

"She could be down by 10 [points in polls againts Trump], and the [Wall Street] transcripts could be out, it is not going to move the [DNC] superdelegates an inch," Uygur said. "They're going to stay with her. If she gets indicted, they are probably still going to stay with her. Now you've got a Battle Royale. Then you've got a convention, then you've got a real fight on your hands... It doesn't matter what other 'revelations' come -- The establishment will still support Clinton. Because they like her. They know that she is the protector of the system... They can't stand [Sanders]."

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