Scarborough Call to Arms: Republicans Must Denounce Trump's "Racist" Remarks, Retract Endorsements Today


MSNBC: Donald Trump is finding himself increasingly alone in defending his attacks on the Trump University judge, especially among Republicans. Joe Scarborough warns that the GOP is risking the House and Senate and will lose its standing as a national party if it lets the presumptive nominee continue with racially-charged statements.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Republicans in Washington, DC, right now you are letting your presumptive nominee, who is making racist statements, run roughshod over what remaining national reputation we have as a national party. You have to start calling him out today. This is not where you can do the slow boil. You have to start calling him out and saying you’re going to retract endorsement today. Or else the United States Senate is in danger. Kelly Ayotte’s seat is in danger. Rob Portman’s seat is in danger. Ron Johnson’s seat is in danger. A lot of other seats are in danger. If the Speaker of the House continues to endorse a man making racist statements and really tearing away the very fabric of Madison’s separation of powers that talks about an independent judiciary. The House of Representatives is in danger.

Today is June 7, 2016 – Republicans, call him out. Back away from those endorsements. Make him back down on the Muslim ban. Make him back down on this racist comment he made about a man born in Indiana saying he is incapable of being a fair judge because of where his parents are born, or else you will lose the Senate, you will lose the House, you will lose the presidency, you will lose governorships. You will lose your standing as a national party. It’s that simple.

(via Breitbart TV)

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