Cenk Uygur Battles CNN's Brian Stelter Over Anti-Sanders Bias: What You Are Doing "Is Not Journalism"


'The Young Turks' host Cenk Uygur, a Bernie Sanders supporter, speaks with CNN's Brian Stelter about his assessment that CNN is biased against Bernie Sanders because they plan to call the nomination for Hillary Clinton on Tuesday night (while including superdelegates who only vote at the convention in their hypothetical delegate total).

Stelter berated Uygur for standing in the way of the first female presidential nominee.

Uygur says that it is journalistically unethical to include the votes of superdelegates to put Clinton over the top, because those delegate only cast their votes at the convention. The convention is more than a month from now, and Uygur says that the possibility of Clinton being indicted over her email server still exists.

"Brian, I hear you have Reliable Sources, so tell me: Do you have any reliable sources inside the FBI or the State Department who have told you that she is not going to get indicted? Because that would be news," Ugyur said, referencing the name of Stelter's CNN show.

"I do not," Stelter admitted before changing the subject. "Other that that, it seems to me that you are misleading your audience. Giving them more hope than they should actually have."

"I tell people about the delegate math all the time," Uygur responded. "And as Bernie Sanders himself said, it is an uphill battle for him to win the pledged delegates... I have challenged Bernie Sanders on my program, I said look, if there are more pledged delegates on her side, and there is no indictment, then the race is over. That is an if, though, it has not happened, and the superdelegates do not vote until the convention. So for you guys to call it [for Clinton on Tuesday night], when you don't know what the circumstance are going to be, it is simply incorrect. It is not journalism."

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