Victoria DeFrancesco Soto: Latinos Will Vote For Trump Because His "Message At Its Core Is Aspirational"


Victoria DeFrancesco Soto discusses her article published this morning: Think Trump Won't Get Latino Voters? Not So Fast


In the consumer marketing world what Trump is doing is referred to as aspirational marketing. Why is it that most of the models in our TV ads are thinner and better looking than the vast majority of America? It's because aspiration is an incredibly powerful force — as humans we aspire for better and we will work toward pursuing that.

It's a tried-and-true mechanism in consumer marketing and Trump has showed how effective it is in politics. Why should Latino voters be immune to Trump's message of a wealth and success? Immigrants are by definition aspirational — they come to a new land for a promise of a better life, and they've inculcated that in their children, too. It's not a stretch to see how Trump's messaging could connect with some voters who think he represents the definition of success and overlook his negative rhetoric and his

There will be Latinos who just like Trump's style and aspirational message and can look past his bluster and outrageous statements as well as his dangerous dance with conspiracy theories. And then there will be those who don't like Trump but believe in the GOP. Either way, there will be Latinos who vote for him — as of now, that portion is believed to stand at 20 percent. And that's before Trump has gotten into his moderate general election groove.

Mark my words, come November Trump will get 25, maybe even 30 percent of the Latino vote.

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