Newt Gingrich: San Jose Riots "An Illustration Of How Frightened The Left" Is Of Donald Trump


Newt Gingrich comments on the political violence outside of Donald Trump's San Jose rally on Thursday night, saying that it is representative of fear on the part of the left and "fits into a general pattern" of political violence. "All of us who want real change in Washington have to realize that our opponents are not going to be helpful," he said. "They're not just going to roll over and accept this change."

"They know that if Donald Trump is acceptable in October of 2016, he will be president," Gingrich said. "So they are trying to paint him as unacceptable."


Former House Speaker and presidential candidate goes 'On the Record' on Hillary Clinton's blistering attack against Donald Trump in foreign policy speech, its potential impact and what it means in the road to November.

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