Hillary Clinton: Voting For Iraq War Was A "Mistake," But I Still "Have A Lot More Experience" Than Trump


In an interview with CNN's Jake Tapper, Hillary Clinton has said that she would be happy to put her record against Donald Trump's saying he is "not qualified to be commander-in-chief."

"His specific criticism was: Why would you accuse me of wanting to bring us into a war when you actually brought us into a war that he criticizes as an unneccesary one?" asked Tapper.

"Well he supported it," Clinton said about the Iraq War without addressing the quesiton. "We have evidence and audio."

"So I think that is another example of [Trump] trying to rewrite history. I've said, look, it was a mistake to vote for that. But I have a lot more experience as a senator and secretary of state that I am more than happy to talk about during this campaign."

"[Trump] is not qualified to be commander in chief."

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