'Dilbert' Creator Scott Adams: Anti-Trump Protestors "Making A Deeply Persuasive Argument For Deportation"


Dilbert creator Scott Adams, who predicted Donald Trump would win in a landslide victory last year, commented violent anti-Trump protestors are "making a deeply persuasive argument for deportation."

Adams was reacting to a person who tweeted "before tonight I did not fully support deportations."

Adams, who is not a Trump supporter but an outside observer, appeared on HBO's Real Time last week to talk about the power of persuasion and how Trump has used it to become presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

"I've been studying persuasion for decades and when I saw Trump last summer displaying the tools of persuasion I thought, 'Oh my God, he's not a crazy clown. Everything he's doing, including his complete ignoring of the facts, is persuasion perfection. I called him to be the landslide winner in the general election last year," Adams told Real Time host Bill Maher last Friday.

Violence from Thursday night's anti-Trump protest in San Jose, California:

Trump Supporter Left Bleeding After Being Attacked By Mob Outside San Jose Rally

American Flag Burned Outside San Jose Trump Rally

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