Full Speech: Trump Responds To Hillary Clinton At San Jose Rally: "She Has To Go To Jail"


At a rally in San Jose, CA Thursday night, Donald Trump responded to Hillary Clinton's attack on him Thursday.

“Now she’s saying, ‘Donald Trump, do you trust him with the nukes?’ Let me tell you. My temperament is so much tougher and so much better than her temperament,” Trump said. “And by the way, we need a tough temperament. All of these countries that are our allies — she talks about our allies — our allies think we’re very stupid people.”

“It’s like taking Sominex. To watch her is like Sominex. You ever hear of Sominex? Sleep all night. It’s hard to stay awake,” he said. “I think she could make more money if she made speeches and sold them for people that can’t sleep. It was hard.”

“Hillary Clinton has to go to jail. She has to go to jail. I said that,” he said about the email scandal. “She’s guilty as hell.”

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