Ron Paul Praises Sanders: Progressives "Don't Realize How Strong The Neoconservative Foreign Policy Is In The DNC"


Former Congressman Ron Paul discusses this article in the Huffington Post: The Foreign Policy Blueprint Hillary Shouldn’t Follow

The bipartisan, neocon-dominated Center for a New American Security has sent Democratic Party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton some "helpful suggestions" for a Clinton foreign policy: Double down on American exceptionalism and project more military force worldwide. Is this a preview of a Clinton State Department and Pentagon?

RON PAUL: When it comes to foreign policy, a good term to use is "incestuous," it is all a mixture. It has nothing to do with Republican or Democrat, that's why I get so disgusted with the "Grand Debates" about who is going to be president... But the thing here is they are talking about policy rather bluntly, they emphasize the fact that we are an "indispensible nation," we are "exceptional," ... we know what they're talking about, the main thing is --and they put it in here-- is to promote and project American power. Nobody else will do it, the Europeans won't spend their money, so it is our obligation to do this.

Never questioning the outcomes, first the economic outcomes, and the total failures of what they are doing.

These are the people who have been promoting everything since 9/11, pushing us into all these wars...

The few Republican hawks I have read recently, they are all for this. Even plus more, But it is interesting to note that Obama has actually hired some of these people. We think of him as a litle bit more reserved, but he is the same way even though his appearance might be different.

The other thing that bothers me politically is that the impression that so many people aroudn the country, especially the voters in the Democratic Party who may be more progressive --they are expressing themselves with Sanders-- They don't realize how strong the neoconservative foreign policy is in the Democratic Party.

Except for Sen. Sanders, we have to give him a little bit of credit, he has not endorsed what they're asking for now... He is not flat out endorsing this program...

Why aren't people challenging the foriegn policy? You could go down a list of the problems, and this is causing more of it.

“U.S. interests require the American military to be deployed globally rather than generally concentrated in one region like Russia or China. The adversary’s job is easier than the U.S. task of projecting military power a half a world away," the report says.

PAUL: We've got to be everywhere, all the time. That is their theory...

They never say: Maybe we're going in the wrong direction...

Probably 90% of people say we're going in the wrong direction. (About 64.7 of people)

But nobody figures out what is happening... You never hear the answer in a different direction, you hear carping and blame and the coalition. How many companies are behind this foreign policy? It is a coalition of Republicans and Democrats. Neocons and radical Democrats come together and, I have never, I still think the American people have to wake up to who controls things behind the scenes... There is a Deep State... The Deep State isn't a monolith, there is no 12-member board that gets together can says what is going to happen... No, they work pretty independently, but they also know what they are doing.

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