Rick Perry: Donald Trump Will "Peel The Skin Off" Hilary Clinton In A Debate


GOV. RICK PERRY: Well I suspect that with Hillary Clinton’s record, she’s going to have some hyperbole that tried to get people focused off of the issues at hand, and the issues at hand are whether or not, because of her haphazard way of handling, we’ll give her the credit here and say that is a haphazard way rather than a calculated way of dealing with emails, that our national security issues haven’t been hacked by some foreign country. That’s where the people in the military and I will suggest to you the veteran’s out there are really focused, is I talked to active duty military, and as I talk to men and women who have served this country – overwhelming support for Donald Trump. They don’t want another four years of Barack Obama and that’s what they see they’ll be getting with Hillary Clinton...

[In a debate against Donald Trump], you’ll see an individual that’s really not been used to taking that type of criticism. I mean, what’s it been, months and months since she’s even had a press conference… does not want to take hard questions from the media. Donald Trump will peel her skin off in a debate setting, and actually, he’ll peel it off this evening out in San Jose as well.

Donald Trump understands what the American people are really tuned into today, and all of these attacks that we saw, or we heard her talk about today – I think it’s just off the skin of the duck; I mean off the back of the duck. This is just water that’s flowing out of her that’s not having any impact.

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