Milo Yiannopoulos: For Too Long Has The "Bogus Cult Of Social Justice" Policed Our Lives


Speaking with Dave Rubin at an event hosted by the UCLA College Republicans, Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos explains the success New Right and the failures of the "progressive" Left.

MILO YIANNOPOULOUS: I'm a creation, I suppose if you want to demean me in that way, I am a creation of the progressive left. I think I am a neccesary correction to the insanity on college campuses and in the media.

There is no question whatsoever that American college campuses and the American media are infected with a disease -- Social Justice.

No question about it, and it may have started on your side, [the left], been propogated by people from your side, but are you responsible for this? The Young Turks? Have you ever been captured on film complaining about sexism?

Anyway -- I think that there is something very wonderful happening. In politics, I think Trump is doing it. In media and on campuses I'm doing it -- in media you are doing it too.

Pushing back against the people who want to control what you do, how you think, what you wear, who you read, what video games you play, what language you can use, who you can hang out with. That's over now. It is not working anymore. It is all gone.

And you can tell from the hysteria outside, you can tell from the furiousness of journalists at BuzzFeed and Gawker and Vice, and, and all those horrible places -- You can tell from the ever-greater hysteria about ever-smaller subjects, you can tell they know the jig is up. You can tell from the atmosphere on campus. You just know, it is starting to dawn on these people, they're starting to get the message that shouting, 'racist!' is not going to shut people up anymore.

It doesn't shut me up, it doesn't shut anyone in this audience up. Now you've got to come with facts. Because for too long the bogus cult of social justice policed peoples' lives. And forced people to watch them speak.

Just think about it... The death of Gawker, and why I think it is a wonderful thing. As a journalist, it is not very becoming of me to dance on the grave of any other media organization at this time when it is so hard to make ends meet, make anything worth it, but Gawker more than any other publication made people scared to make jokes. Ordinary private people thought: "What if Gawker picks this up and ruins my life because I made an AIDS joke." That is the sort of tyranny that is coming to an end.

And the people who benefit from that tyranny: The mediocre, the lazy, the hateful, the fat, the facially pierced, the blue-haired, the people for whom being black is their only marketable skill--

AUDEINCE INTERRUPTION: You are spreading hate! You are spreading hate!

AUDIENCE AT LARGE: Build the wall! Build the wall! Build the wall! Build the wall! Build the wall!

MILO: You see sweetheart, no one is buying what you're selling anymore.

AUDEINCE INTERRUPTION: They are human beings!

MILO: No one is buying what you're selling anymore...

Here we go off you go, if you go two blocks down you'll find an ice cream truck, don't worry...

While the trash takes itself out, let's carry on...

I published a column: How To Beat Me. I wrote it down. I literally gave them an instruction book, but they are so fucking self-involved and stupid and lazy, they don't read it and they don't listen.

What I said is: No position is insurmountable, except perhaps for the rugged defense of free speech and liberty, no position is impervious to criticsm or challenge. If you don't like something I said about Black Lives Matter or anything else, if you don't like something that I say about feminism, come at me with facts, with reason, with logic.

And wait your fucking turn.

I literally am so confident that they are the most intellectually lazy people on the planet, I wrote them a guide on how to beat me, I tweet it every week...

[Same disruptor begins to shout about "hating" Milo]

CROWD CHANTS [ironically]: Hate speech! Hate speech! Hate speech! Hate speech!

MILO: This lovely inversion that I am seeing happen, I love it so much. This lovely inversion of what the left has done to us for so long, just shows how empty and platitudinous the crap they shut us down with is.

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