Larry Sabato on CA Dem Primary: You Can't Trust Polls, "This Really Is A Competitive Race"


Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia's Center for Politics discusses the upcoming Democratic primary in California.

LARRY SABATO: We have a model that doesn't depend on polls, we have a separate election model that uses other variables.. and oddly, it shows Clinton winning by two, which is exactly what most of the recent polls show. We all remember Michigan this year, where every poll showed Clinton winning over Bernie by a mile, and then Sanders won Michigan handily.

So I don't think you can trust polls all the time, I don't think you can trust models all the time, the only thing you can reasonably say is: This really is a competitive race...

What if Benrie Sanders follows through on what he is saying today? Which is that he doesn't care what the results are on June 7, he's going to take the fight all the way to the convention, all the way through the convention, try to influence the platofrm and the VP choice. Who is to say they will ever reunite fully in the way Clinton needs for the fall?

... Let's just say his roots in the Democratic party don't go very deep, it is shallow water there, so yeah, I don't think he particularly cares what the DNC leadership says...

If [Sanders voters under 40] don't reunite behind Clinton and turn out to vote... She can't seem to win over that age group.

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