Jake Tapper Lectures Sanders Campaign Manager About What Polls Actually Are


Bernie Sanders campaign manager tries to make the argument that a forecast of how superdelegates will vote is no different from a poll, and it is irresponsible for news networks to give those delegate points to Clinton before the convention. CNN's Jake Tapper strongly disagrees.

"They haven't voted!" Weaver said about the superdelegates. "You could do a poll in CA today--"

"Jeff, Jeff," Tapper interrupted. "A poll is a statistical sampling of 1,000 people to predict how a million people will vote. [Counting superdelegates] is counting one after another in a sort-of roll call of individual superdelegates, and they going on the record saying they will support Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton. This isn't guess work, this is what they have said they are going to do."

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