WSJ Editor Bret Stephens: Trump Needs A Decisive Loss So "Republican Voters Learn Their Lesson"


In an interview with CNN's Fareed Zakaria on Sunday, Wall Street Journal deputy editorial page editor Bret Stephens says that he wants Donald Trump to be the "biggest loser in presidential history," so that that his brand of "ethnic conservatism or populism is so decisively rebuked" that Republicans will "forever learn their lesson."

“I most certainly will not vote for Donald Trump,” Stephens said. “I will vote for the least left-wing opponent to Donald Trump and I want to make a vote to make sure that he has — that he is the biggest loser in presidential history since, I don’t know, Alf Landon or going back further. It’s important that Donald Trump and what he represents — this kind of ethnic quote, ‘conservatism,’ or populism be so decisively rebuked that the Republican Party, the Republican voters will forever learn their lesson that they cannot nominate a man so manifestly unqualified to be president in any way, shape or form. So they have to learn a lesson in the way perhaps Democrats learned from McGovern in ’72. George Will said let’s have him lose in 50 states. Why not Guam, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia, too?”

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