RNC's Spicer: Any Conservative Opposing Trump "Just Seeking To Put Hillary Clinton In The White House"


Republican National Committee spokesman Sean Spicer said any good conservative not supporting Trump or looking for a third-party challenger are "just seeking to put Hillary Clinton in the White House."

HALLIE JACKSON, NBC: I have to ask you about whispers of a possible independent conservative challenger, particularly after Bill Kristol's tweets over this weekend. You're smiling. Do you worry about the possibility of somebody coming out to challenge Donald Trump on an independent ticket?

SEAN SPICER, RNC: No, I don't and for a variety of reasons. Number one, we continue to see every day pass on the calendar the ability to get on the ballots is one issue. Number two, not only there is not a candidate, there's no organization, there's no fundraising mechanism at all.

Aside from tweets coming out about this, there's nothing substantiating a major credible campaign. If there was, again, it lacks all those major aspects that you need to win... so any good conservative that is out there trying to be part of some kind of effort like this is only seeking to put Hillary Clinton in the White House...

JACKSON: You mentioned a moment ago that any conservative challenger would need to be aware that they could potentially in your words be handing the White House to Hillary Clinton. Is that a warning to anybody that might be considering an independent run?

SPICER: Absolutely. I think that anyone who is truly a conservative, that cares about the Supreme Court needs to understand that any effort to fund or help a third party is basically helping Hillary Clinton.

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