Cenk Uygur to Sanders Supporters: Barbara Boxer Deserved To Be Booed -- It Is Time To Get Louder


Cenk Uygur, host of "The Young Turks," looks at the events of the Nevada Democratic convention in hindsight, and decides that it is time to double down.

CENK UYGUR: There was a huge bruhaha about, were they violent, was there chair throwing? And we've been over that a lot already, and we have proved that at least there was no evidence whatsoever of any chair throwing. Or any violence.

So if there was any violence on tape, they never showed it, if there was any chair throwing they never showed it, so at the end they brought it down to the "chair brandishing," haha, so I guess we were right. But we've been over that already, and we don't have to rehash that. But there's one thing I said at a Bernie Sanders rally, when I was intoducing him in Northern California that some of the other press mentioned like tisk tisk tisk. I said that the establishment complained that the Sanders supporters were a little too loud in Nevada. And I said, if anything, they should have been louder. Now, you know how they perceive that.

How could you say they should get louder? They were so rude. Okay, so that's what I want to address here. Let me make it abundantly clear that the threats that Roberta Lange got afterwards --the chair of the Democratic Party in Nevada-- were unacceptable. We have no idea who sent them, they say they were Sanders supporters, but maybe they were. If that is the case, you're not doing Sanders a favor, you're not doing the movement a favor, you're getting angry is understandable. Threatening someone else is not understandable and not acceptable. Okay, now in reality the cops never figured out to the best of my knowledge who it actually was, because it is pretty easy to trace those calls if you are genuinely worried, maybe we'll get news on it.

But there are currently, according to 4chan, pro-Donald Trump trolls our there, we know there are Hillary Clinton trolls that are paid, they spent over a million dollars on that, there is Correct The Record.

That is clear, don't send threats to anyone...

[second video]

Now I want to get to the main point. Which is that yeah, the establishment was kind of weighed down by what happened there because people got loud.

But. Since we put everybody on the spot, and showed there really was no violence, no chair throwing, no anything like that, no proof of that. All those cops in that room, no one ever got arrested and no one ever showed a single piece of violence, because of that, at the end of the day, the establishment was so mad because, what? Becuase the Bernie Sanders suspporters were rude?

So what? Did you think the revolution would happen quietly. That we would whisper of a political revolution? When we talk about revolution, I don't want people to get carried away, we're talking about a political revolution. Right? but at the same time, I don't want people to not get carried away.

No, we're mad, we don't like this system, and we're not alone on the left and the right and the middle and libertarians, everyone else you could imagine outside of Washington and New York hates this system. They don't hate it politely, and when they are given an opportunity to be loud, they will be loud...

So I caught a tiny bit of flack at a Sanders rally in California for saying you should get louder, and now that I have had time to think about it, I think: You should get louder

Never, ever, ever take physical actions, again, we are for non0violence, and if anyone does, they are not with us, they are against us, okay? So sometimes the other side will rile things up, trying to get somebody in there to do that, but by definition those people are not on our side, because we are the side of non-violence.

But on the side of protesting, yeah, yeah of course you should be loud.

Barbara Boxer got all upset about, like, Oh my god they booed me, I'm an esteemed Democratic senator. How could they have booed me?

Right? Get used to it. You should be booed more. You don't have a right not to be booed.

They took these comical voice votes: Yea, nay, the yeas have it. It is ridiculous. Right?

So I guess that the establishment is mad that we didn't go along with that farce.

Normally, when we bulldoze you like that, you're supposed to be polite. Sorry for not being polite.

I think we ought to shake the rafters a little bit...

In terms of protesting, yeah, when the system tries to bulldoze you, you should be loud, and you should get louder... Don't bow your head, shake the rafters, let them know you're there. Nothing physical, but in terms of our voices, don't let them silence you. You don't do a political revolution quietly and politely, you do it very loudly.

The one thing we have is our voices, we're not going to let them take that away from us. If they take our voices from us, what do we have left? Nothing. That is exactly what they want... In hindsight I'm glad the Sanders supporters in Nevada were super loud, next time I encourage you to be even louder... Maybe next time you should have a voice vote that is real, a voice vote that is real. Maybe next time you should respect the other side, because if you don't it turns out we get loud.

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