Maria Cardona On Clinton Email Scandal: "No Ulterior Motives Here," "Nothing Nefarious"


Democratic strategist and contributor to CNN's Spanish language station Maria Cardona explains how Clinton needs to approach the State Department's report which says her private homebrew emails server broke Obama administration transparency rules.

JOANTHAN KARL, ABC NEWS: Maria, you've got to admit, this was a bad week for Hillary Clinton.

MARIA CARDONA: Well, certainly having that IG report was not fun. And that's why I think she came out smartly to emphasize her apology, to emphasize that she knew that it had been a mistake, had she the opportunity to do it again, she wouldn't do it.

I also think it's good to have context. What she did was something that others had done. the rules were nebulous at best. It is not an excuse--...

The bottom line is, she turned over 55,000 emails -- other secretaries did not, and at the end of the day, what she needs to continue to talk to the American people about is: There was nothing nefarious here, no ulterior motive.

When you look at what she has done in 30 years of public life -- focusing on making the American people's lives better-- versus... a loose cannon who's unqualified, who likes to tweet his way into news cycles without having real proposals, and somebody who has only done one thing in his 30 years of life which is to enrich himself.

I think that's a contrast that Hillary Clinton will win.

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