Trump at Rolling Thunder Memorial Day Event: "Illegals Are Taken Much Better Care Of Than Our Veterans"


Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks to thousands of motorcyclists, many of them military veterans, attending the annual Rolling Thunder gathering to honor missing-in-action soldiers. Via Right Side Broadcasting.

No other candidates appeared at the event. Hillary Clinton is taking the day off the campaign trail, and Sanders is scheduled to make campaign stops in California.

“Do we love the bikers? Yes!” Trump said on the National Mall in Washington D.C. “Some of these people are tough. And some of these guys, they’re rough. And I get out and I shake their hands and I’ll tell you, there is love. There is love, and it’s an incredible feeling. And that’s why I wanted to be here today.”

“We have by far the biggest rallies, far bigger than Bernie Sanders,” Trump said. “But they don’t talk about it. I had a rally where we had 18,000 people, Bernie had seven [thousand]. With my rally, they said, ‘Donald Trump made a speech today, bah-bah-bah.’ That was it. With Bernie’s rally, same time, they said, ‘Bernie Sanders had a tremendous crowd of 7,000.’ I said, ‘I had 11,000 people more than he did!’ They don’t mention it. And they won’t mention the kinds of massive crowds we have here today.”

“We’re gonna rebuild our military,” he continued. “And we’re gonna take care of our veterans. Our veterans have been treated so badly in this country.”

“In many cases, illegal immigrants are taken much better care of by this country than our veterans,” Trump said to hundreds of thousands of bikers gathered to honor prisoners of war and service members missing in action. “We’re not going to allow that to happen any longer.”

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