Gingrich: Clinton Is "Way Overstaffed," Trump Is "Fast, Nimble... Constantly In Motion"


Former House Speaker and potential Trump VP Newt Gingrich explains why Donald Trump appears to be leaving Hillary Clinton in the dust, even though she has more than ten times as many campaign staffers as he does.

JEANINE PIRRO: Based on what you said... This is almost a new era in politics. Where you've got both of these candidates not going the traditional media market, and all of the ads and all that, just Tweeting things out. And Donald Trump, when you think about it, the man is --he doesn't sleep, I'm convinced of it. He is constantly Tweeting, on the phone, he's got the control room numbers for all the [TV] stations.

Hillary on the other hand, I have this visual of her from the beginning of the campaign where she was marching and they roped off the reporters from her. Isn't she just a personification of the old-school politics?

NEWT GINGRICH: Well, she is, and she has a number of really bad habits.

First off all, she is way overstaffed, Trump is his own instant response person, he is able to be fast, nimble, he learns, and he is constantly in motion. She has lots of people around her. I think they have temn times as big an organization as Trump does. [Trump] has won the nomination for less money than anybody in modern times.

His ability to use social media is , as you pointed out, literally historic, and potentially changes the game.

There's another problem, even when she tries to be authentic -- She said: Let's be authentic and go use the [NYC] Subway. Well, it was embarassing.

You want to say, come on guys!

Let her do something she is used to doing, like sitting in the back of a limo surrounded by the secret service. Don't try to make her someone she is not.

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