Krauthammer: "Not Enough Time" For Clintons To Wait Out Email Scandal, "Even With Word Games"


CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: If you do any serious examination of the [State Dept. report], there is a half a dozen instances in which the campaign has either been deceptive or simply lying, but I think in the end the main fact is not the specific issue.

Anecdotes only have an effect on candidates when they reinforce and existing conception, and with her and her husband, the pre-existing conception since the early 90s is they break the rules, live on the edge, they feel the rules don't apply to them, and then when they are caught they do word games... In the end they may confess, but only way after they have calculated that people don't care [anymore].

That's not going to be enough time for this to wear away. It is going to weigh on her. In the sense that she broke the rules, her own rules, this is her own department. It is an Obama nominee, you can't say this isn Ken Starr or the Republicans or some right wing conspiracy, this is their own people and that is why it is so damning. There is no escaping it, even with word games, it makes it worse.

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