Cenk Uygur: How Could Clinton Be Afraid To Debate? "Look At What Trump Has Done With Free Media!"


Hillary Clinton had agreed to a California debate with Bernie Sanders back when the race was closer. Now that she’s got a comfortable lead, she’s decided to back out. "The Young Turks" hosts Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola can not understand why Clinton would give up such an opportunity.

Uygur's advice to Hillary Clinton: "If you really believe what you say, which is that you have already won this [Democratic primay]. And I agree, you have a lead in pledged delegates. So if you actually have internalized that, you know what you should do, you should do the debate and compliment Bernie the whole time."

"The Clinton camp will say: Oh, oh, we knew it! No. You've got to win over his voters. It is not a gimme, it is not a layup," he continued. "What better opportuity right before [the CA primary]... to go out there and use a national stage to compliment the guys his voters like!"

"It is a golden opportunity... I will be shocked if they do that, they think we are trying to play tricks like they play tricks. No! I'm actually trying to give you real advice!"

"Use the opportunity to attack Trump ferociously... You have a national stage given to you. Take it!"

"A debate for 90 minutes on national television with millions of people watching," Uygur said. "That is millions upon millions of dollars of free advertising. If I really believed my positions, I would run onto the stage. Let me at 'em. A free 45 minutes or more to explain why I'm going to be a great candidate... You're nuts to give that away."

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