Lewandowski Talks Trump's Tax Returns & Rate, Romney, VP, Clinton, Trump's Appeal on CBS 'This Morning'


CBS News: In a 2006 deposition, Donald Trump was repeatedly questioned about exaggerating his wealth. In 2014, Trump said his brand was worth $3.3 billion, but last year, Forbes magazine estimated its value to be far lower at $125 million. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is making Trump's financial affairs a focus of her campaign. Trump's campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss why the presumptive Republican nominee is delaying the release of his tax returns and when he'll be picking his running mate.

"Why so many discrepancies about a man's wealth?" Charlie Rose questioned.

"Is there a concern that Trump's tax returns will show his income is in fact smaller than what he has sad publicly.

"Absolutely not," Lewandowski said. "Don't forget, Mitt Romney waited until 30 days before a general election to release his taxes... If you remember, Harry Reid went on the [Senate] floor and basically forced Mitt Romney to release those taxes. Mitt Romney's taxes were not under audit at the time. The information."

"And they were revealing," CBS News' O'Donnell jumped in.

"Mr. Trump says his taxes won't show anything, but in Mitt Romney's case they were incredibly revealing," O'Donnell said. "They showed his lower tax rate, they showed he had some offshore accounts."

"The difference is Mr. Trump is proud to pay a lower tax rate. The lowest tax rate possible," Lewandowski said.

"Let us know how low it is. We all want to -- I want to pay a lower tax rate, too," O'Donnell said.

CBS This Morning co-host Charlie Rose expresses his concern to Lewandowski that Trump will continue his "nasty campaign" and accused the presumptive Republican presidential nominee of "character assassination."

"This is already a nasty campaign," Rose observed.

"Aren't they all?" Lewandowski responded.

"Well, many of them but this seems to take to new depths. Is he going to go deeper into personal character assassination, regardless of who the candidate is, Republican or Democrat?" Rose asked.

"This has been clear since June 16th of last year, when he got in the race, when somebody attacks Donald Trump he responds in kind, and maybe times 10. And the difference is he's authentic, genuine and that's what the people want," Lewandowski said.

"Did Bill Clinton attack Donald Trump?" co-host Gayle King questioned.

Lewandowski concluded by explaining Trump's appeal to the American electorate.

"Unlike every politician in the race, from Republicans who attacked him to now the Democrats who are attacking him and saying he's not fit to be the president of the United States, he's not going to let these attacks pass. He's going to engage and he's going to engage harder than you're used to. And you know what the American people say? We want a fighter. We want someone who is going to stand up for us. Not just in this election, but when you're the president of the United States, you're going to put America first for a change. That's what I think the American people want and that's what Donald Trump brings," Lewandowski said.

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