Anti-Trump Protestors Throw Rocks, Bottles at Police Outside Albuquerque Rally; "A Lot Of Latinos Here"


CNN's Dan Simon reports on unrest from anti-Trump demonstrators outside a Donald Trump campaign event in Albuquerque and a confrontation with the police, where the police showed restraint.

Simon reports rocks and bottles were thrown at police and had to run from an explosive device that was lit near him.

"It's pretty tense out here but you get the sense that things could become even uglier as things continue to unfold," he said.

"You have some of the protesters who are wearing vests, who are trying to calm the crowd down, but things have definitely is escalated," Simon reported.

FOX News' Carl Cameron reported at one point a shot was fired.

"Things have gotten very chaotic outside," Simon said outside the Tuesday night Trump rally. :You can see this group of protesters right here, basically in a confrontation with police. You've had several protesters throw both rocks and bottles at police. At this time, police have basically shown a lot of restraint given the situation that is happening. You have some of the protesters who are wearing vests, who are trying to calm the crowd down, but things have definitely is escalated. The Trump rally, of course, has ended. Most of the people inside have left, but you still have hundreds of people outside who look like they're causing or trying to cause some problems out here, but you can see that police now are trying to get people to move away from the building."

"You can see that there's some kind of an explosive device right in front of us," Simon said during his live segment with CNN's Wolf Blitzer.

Simon said a majority of protestors are Hispanics and that they have been peaceful "most of the day," but "things just quickly turned into chaos," he said.

"They're talking about Trump's immigration proposals, talking about his comments about women," Simon said of the protestors. "You know, New Mexico has the highest percentage of Hispanics in the country, so, not surprisingly, immigration is at the top of their minds. And you have a lot of Latino individuals here at the rally. And again, they've been peaceful most of the day. But, you know, as we've been live on the air with you, Wolf, things just quickly turned into chaos."

"Be careful out there," Wolf Blitzer said to the correspondent.

Someone held up a 'Fuck Trump' in the crowd and a group of people were in a Chevy Silverado waving the Mexican flag while driving:

Trump responded to Tuesday night's antics and tweeted, 'The protesters in New Mexico were thugs who were flying the Mexican flag. The rally inside was big and beautiful, but outside, criminals!'

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