Kornacki: Polls Show Republicans Have Coalesced Around Trump Since He Locked Up Nomination


NBC: MSNBC political analyst Steve Kornacki says that although the hypothetical race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump may be close right now, that may change before November, particularly at such time as Clinton secures the Democratic nomination from Bernie Sanders, as she will likely do. NBC political analyst agrees that “Hillary Clinton’s biggest problem” is that “Uncle Bernie refuses to go home to Vermont.”

Kornacki said the 86% while good shows there are still some holdouts, noting Mitt Romney had 93% of the party support on election day 2012.

The poll also shows that 17% of Sanders supporters would vote for Trump over Clinton while two-thirds said they would back Hillary.

NBC's latest poll shows a Hillary-Trump matchup would produce a 46-43 outcome opposed to 50-39 in April. Kornacki also breaks down the latest favorability ratings, candidate support among minorities, women, and youth.

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