Trump: Hillary's Attacks Are "Just Words Read Off A Teleprompter"


"They're just words," Trump said about Hillary Clinton's claim that under a Trump administration, children would be at greater risk of "violence and bigotry."

"If you want to imagine what Trump’s America would look like, picture more kids at risk of violence and bigotry," Clinton said Saturday. "He’s talking about more hatred and division in our streets, even about more nuclear weapons in the world."

"That's just words," he said. "She reads off a teleprompter, you notice. She's reading off a teleprompter; she always does. She really doesn't have her own words."

"As far as bigotry, our country is so divided. We have a president who is a total divider, and Hillary is weak; she's a weak person," he said. "It'll be four more years, and probably four more years even worse than we've been going through."

Trump also disputed Clinton's claim that he wants to put "more guns in classrooms."

"She talked about guns in classrooms. I don't want to have guns in classrooms. Although in some cases, teachers should have guns in classrooms, frankly."

"You look at some of our schools," he said. "Unbelievable what is going on. But I'm not advocating guns in classrooms. But remember, in some cases, trained teachers should be able to have guns in classrooms.

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