Clinton: Polls Showing Sanders Could Beat Trump "Mean Nothing To Me"


In an interview with "Meet The Press" host Chuck Todd, Hillary Clinton laughs off polls showing Bernie Sanders with a 15-point lead over Donald Trump. "You made an electability case seven days before the final day of the primaries to Superdelegates back in 2008," Todd asked. "Why shouldn't super delegates listen to the Bernie Sanders argument and say, maybe he is more electable?"

"Well, first of all people have voted for me overwhelmingly in the Democratic primary process," she noted. "That is absolutely clear and very different from where we were in 2008."

"I was actually slightly ahead in the popular vote when we ended [the 2008] primary. But I was behind in the pledged delegates. It is also fair to say I have been vetted and tested. And that puts me in a very good position."

"Let me just say; I don't think [Bernie Sanders] has ever had a single negative ad run against him. And that's fine... Polls this far out mean nothing. They certainly mean nothing to me."

The RealClearPolitics average of polls shows Donald Trump ahead of Hillary Clinton in a general election matchup for the first time this weekend following five new polls released last week.

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