Brit Hume: Trump "Well On His Way To Pulling Nearly All Of The Republican Party Behind Him"


JOHN ROBERTS, FOX NEWS: Donald Trump at the National Rifle Association making the case that if Hillary Clinton is elected president, she will not only push for new gun laws, but nominate Supreme Court justices who will uphold those laws.

It’s time now for our Sunday group. Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume is here, "USA Today" columnist Kirsten Powers, head of Heritage Action for America, Michael Needham, and Fox News political analyst and author of "We the People," Juan Williams.

I was there at the NRA meeting, Brit, and there was a crowd. It was supposed to be 7,000. That's how many tickets they sold. But they let another thousand people at least in. Very enthusiast crowd for Trump there. So you’ve got a couple of things. You’ve got the NRA, very enthusiastic about him and the NRA endorsing five months before they’ve endorsed anybody else. What's going on?

BRIT HUME, FOX NEWS SENIOR POLITICAL ANALYST: I think it's one of a number of signs that Donald Trump is well on his way to pulling nearly all of the Republican Party behind him. There will be holdouts and there will be conservatives who were conservatives first and Republicans second that will not be reconciled to him, but the Supreme Court list that he put out, the meeting with Paul Ryan, all these things are pointing in the same direction, that -- that -- that Republicans and most conservatives are increasingly ready, particularly because they so fear the alternative, to back him and I think that's -- that’s where we're going.

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