Bill Kristol: Trump And Clinton "Are Scared" Of My Third Party Idea; Mitt Romney "An Impressive Man"


BILL KRISTOL, WEEKLY STANDARD: I don't think [talk of a neoconservative third party is "dwindling right now"].

The Republican National Committee and the Trump and Clinton campaigns are trying to sort-of strangle it in its infancy. Because they're scared of it. I mean, look at that poll. When you throw Mitt Romney's name in (someone who hasn't run in four years, probably isn't the ideal, in a way, third party candidate, though an impressive man who I think would be a good alternative to Clinton or Trump).

He right away is at 22%. 37-35-22. He hasn't done anything. In other polls, the independent, generic independent continues run 20, 21.

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Half of the Clinton voters and half of the Trump voters don't want to be for Clinton or Trump. They're against the other person. If they had an alternative -- The way the country is really set up, a quarter of the country is for Trump. A quarter of the country is for Clinton. Half the country is open to an alternative. The ABC poll shows half, basically half, 45% saying, we would like to have a third choice. I think the ground is there...

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GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS: But nobody is willing to do it right now.

KRISTOL: Let's see. It's a tough thing to ask a politician. It's a tough thing to ask someone to do. Let's see what happens in the next week or two.

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