Bernie Sanders: People Consider Hillary Clinton "The Lesser Of Two Evils"


On ABC's "This Week," Sen. Bernie Sanders says that a vote for Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump is a vote for "the lesser of two evils." Would an idealist like Bernie Sanders ever vote for "the lesser of two evils?"

"We need a campaign, an election, coming up which does not have two candidates who are really very, very strongly disliked. I don't want to see the American people voting for the lesser of two evils," the senator told ABC News' George Stephanopoulos Sunday. "I want the American people to be voting for a vision of economic justice, of social justice, of environmental justice, of racial justice."

"I have every confidence that if Hillary Clinton is prepared to stand up to the greed of corporate America and Wall Street; is prepared to be really strong on the issue of climate change; support, as I do, a tax on carbon; is prepared to say that the United States of America should join the rest of the industrialized world and guarantee health care to all people, paid family and medical leave; is prepared to say that the grotesque level of income and wealth inequality today in America, where almost all new income and wealth is going to the top 1 percent. If she is strong on those issues, yeah, I think she will win and win by a large vote," Sanders said.

"But if she is not, she's going to have her problems."

Full interview on ABC's "This Week":

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