Tucker Carlson: Democrats Talking About Transgender Bathrooms And Global Warming Instead Of Real Economic Issues


Tucker Carlson has advice for the Trump campaign: Stick to issues that matter to regular people.

TUCKER CARLSON: [The Trump campaign] should pay close attention to what happened in the 1992 campaign. People said, if only people knew what a creep Bill Clinton is in his personal life, they'll never vote for him.

Voters said, we don't know exactly who this guys is, but he is running on the economy and crime. I know we're rewriting history now, but crime was a big issue in 1992, for anyone...

How is it that Donald Trump is beating Hillary Clinton by like 12 points on the question of the economy when her husband presided over the last sustained period of economic stability we've had. It is because her party is enthralled with transgender bathrooms, global warming, totally theoretical issues. And Trump, almost to a fault, is kind of making a pitch to middle class economc anxiety. So of course, that guy always wins.

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