Trump Advisor: "Hillary Clinton's Platform Is To Start Wars In The Middle East, And Import All The Refugees"


Stephen Miller, one of Donald Trump's top policy aides (on loan from the office of Sen. Jeff Sessions) speaks with CNN's Brooke Baldwin about Hillary Clinton's foreign policy.

"Bernie Sanders is exactly right that Hillary Clinton is not qualified to be president," he said.

"Do you think Hillary Clinton is qualified?" asked the CNN host.

"Absolutely not!" said Miller. "Look at her judgement. Hillary Clinton [voted to] go to war in Iraq. Hillary Clinton's decisions in Libya have unleashed an operating base for ISIS that will be a scourge of terrorism against the entire Western world."

"Hillary Clinton's platform is, I want to start wars in the Middle East and then import all the refugees into the United States and other countries without knowing who they are. That's a recipe for disaster," Miller said.

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