Cenk Uygur Found Video Evidence To Prove There Was No "Chair Throwing" At Nevada Dem Convention


Cenk Ugyur continues to report the facts of what happened at Saturday night's Democratic convention in Nevada, challenging CNN, NPR, and Sen. Dianne Feinstein to come clean about the fact that their claims of violence are entirely unfounded. He finally discovered why CNN never played the video of the supposed chair "throwing" -- because instead of being thrown, the chair is gently put back down and the situation ended with a group hug, not violence.

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"Yes, there are calls from afterwards where terrible things were said to Roberta Lange, the Nevada Democratic party chair, they should investigate that. But that isn't the same as 'violence at the convention.' Which is what you guys said. In fact, if you remember-- We don't know who sent in those messages was. There should be consequences whether they are Bernie Sanders supporters or not," he said.

"I remember a certain Barbara Boxer of California saying that she felt that her saftey was threatened. That's interesting, because as I said, there is a lot of video of her leaving the convention. Let's watch... A person 'in fear of their safety' blowing kisses to the crowd?"

"Nothing but wall-to-wall lies from the establishment," he concluded. "And then they wonder, why haven't you bowed your head already?"

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