Feinstein Worried About Sanders: "I Don't Want To Go Back To The '68 Convention"


CNN’S MANU RAJU: Were you concerned about Bernie Sanders’ statement yesterday on Nevada?

SEN. DIANNE FEINSTEIN: I was because I think that was the time to have sent a full-throated message to his followers that we don't do this kind of thing. And this kind of thing is antithetical to the process set out before us. If we don't like the process, we should work to change it.

RAJU: How much does it worry that he wants to take this to the convention in July?

SEN. FEINSTEIN: Well, it worries me a great deal. You know, I don't want to go back to the ‘68 convention because I worry about what it does to the electorate as a whole and he should too.

BLITZER: The '68 convention. A lot of rioting going on in Chicago at that Democratic convention.

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