This Is What Nevada Democratic Party Chair Roberta Lange Did To Infuriate Sanders Supporters


Dan Rolle, a Democratic candidate for Congress in Nevada, explains what happened at the Democratic Party Convention in Las Vegas Saturday night.

"It's too important to simply watch the videos and look away," he wrote. You need to understand why it happened."

The Nevada Democratic party "enacted some rules that were designed to give convention authority to the state chair," he said. When this was challenged by the Sanders campaign in court, that challenge was denied. The Sanders supporters arrived at the convention with the requisite number of signatures needed to change the rules, but again the petition was denied.

"Fast forward. Clinton wins by a few delegates, but over 64 delegates were rejected. By the board she chose. The argument is that with these votes, Sanders wins. Also worth noting, many were turned away because they simply could not find parking," he noted.

"At the end of the convention, we motioned the party platform. I called for Roberta's removal here. My mic was cut," he also said.

"Fast forward: The delegates are counted. Roberta denies a recount, closes the convention at her discretion. She then bolts off stage. This, while being flanked by police."

Explanations from Sanders supporters:

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