Nevada Dem Party Leader: "High Level" Sanders People "Incited" Violence At Convention


Nevada state Democratic Party leader Roberta Lange explains her side of the story, after an outpouring of anger at her decision to end the State Party Convention early on Saturday because she feared Bernie Sanders supporters could become violent.

Lange has been the target of Sanders supporters' ire since she subjectively called the results of a voice vote, adjourned the state party meeting early using a gavel, and left the hotel where the NV convention was being held. According to a Democratic Party spokesman, the national party or its Chair, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, "did not have a part in this."

Lange on Saturday evening:

"This is something you wouldn't expect in America," Lange said on CNN Tuesday. "We are not going to stop, we are fighting for unity."

Asked if she believes Bernie Sanders had any role in planning the chaos in Nevada Saturday night, she said: "What I can say, and what I know, is that they have high level campaign people who are trying to incite their people going into the convention. During the convention when the convention was going on, when the rules were passed, they had an opportunity to submit changes, amendments, and no one spoke to add an amendment before the rules passed. Look, the bottom line is this is a numbers game... They didn't turn out their people. The Clinton people turned out their delegates."

"When, when, when staff people in the Sanders campaign is feeding into this, people feel empowered to behave this way. Not only were people talking while we were trying to run the convention, and yelling and rushing the stage and throwing chairs, and yelling for my death in the crowd, those are the kinds of things that have to be stopped."

"I have not recieved an apology, you know... I haven't seen anything that says this should stop... This isn't okay."

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